Live Streaming FAQ's

Nope. If you have a Laptop with a webcam you are good to go.
Once you sign up for the Creekwire Ultimate plan or try a 30 day free trial, simply click on Live Stream Now, and then in the dropdown menu, click on ‘Set Up Room’. This is where you will name your room and set your price per minute. When you are ready to go live simply click on the big green button, type in your name for the chat box, and click on ‘allow’ (if prompted) for to access your camera and microphone so that your audience can see and hear you.
How ambitious are you? We do not limit how much you can earn with Creekwire, all we ask is that you pay for your subscription and then your credit card processing fees and service fee upon redeeming your earnings. How does that sound?
We pass our 3rd party billing fees on to you, which are 5.9% plus $0.51 per transaction.
Unfortunately this happens from time to time. In cases of chargebacks we will deduct the purchase transaction from your account balance plus any fees that our bank charges us, which is approximately $50 per occurrence.
You! When you are available and in your room, you’ll need to share the link to your room on social media to have your audience join you.
We believe our model is a very efficient one. 'Free' wastes a lot of your time. So, instead you can let your audience know that you will be available during a specified period of time. Create demand for your live stream and set your price per minute to maximize that demand.
You can earn an unlimited amount with Creekwire, we have low service fees and credit card processing fees, and in exchange all we ask is that you pay us a monthly rent by way of the $129 Creekwire Ultimate subscription plan.
Chrome for Android supports our technology, however currently it does not work on iOS devices.
Chrome, Firefox and, Opera browsers all support our technology natively in their current versions. We are working diligently to support other browsers and mobile devices to work seamlessly with our live streaming technology.
Contact us right away at [email protected]. Let us know what type of computer you are using, what browser you are using, and what your internet connection is. If you can provide us with your internet speed that would be great too, here's a link to get it: Check my internet speed.
We'll get back to you within 24 hours, if not sooner.
We pass our direct 3rd party fees of our Live Streaming service to you, which is netted from your payout. These 3rd party fees are: Video Delivery Fee - 1.29%, Payment Processing Fee - 5.9% plus $0.51 per transaction plus a 5% Creekwire Service fee.
You can broadcast to as many people as you'd like, there are no limits to the number of people who can view your livestream.