How it Works: Live Streaming

Step 1:

Creekwirelivestep 1

After subscribing to Creekwire Ultimate or clicking on a Free 30 Day Trial on the plans page, to begin live streaming, simply click on Set Up Room on navigation bar.

Step 2:

Vuierlivestep 2

After clicking on Update Settings all you have to do is name your room and slide to the price you wish to charge per minute.

Step 3:

Creekwirelivestep 3

Once your room is set up, start hosting and share the link to your room with your audience.

Embed your live stream. Keep your brand intact by sending your audience directly to your website to view your live stream. Simply copy & paste the embed tag to your site.

Room embed

Keep in mind that you will still need to broadcast from your page on Creekwire.

Step 4:

Vuierlivestep 4

When your audience follows the link you shared they will slide to the number of minutes they would like to purchase. Clicking on Join Room will bring up the purchase form to enter credit card credentials. Upon approval page will refresh and you are now connected and will see that they joined the room.

Step 5:

Creekwirelivestep 5

You will know that someone joined your room when you see their name in your chat box. You can have an unlimited number of people joining your room while you are Live.
When you are finished with your Live Stream broadcast click on the red button that says 'End Live Session' to end your session.